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Magnetic Trading

If you are in search of a wise and sound financial partner to guide you to success in the stock market, you have come to the right place. Magnetic Trading is your ideal partner in your journey towards financial success and freedom. We are two highly experienced and professional traders who are completely dedicated and […]

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t3live-com-blog.jpg Blog

The goal of T3Live is to create a tight-knit community of traders that breeds success through extensive education and positive interaction. Whether a beginner or long-time professional, we seek to offer valuable services to anyone striving to confidently navigate today’s fast-paced markets. The T3Live Blog is a small offshoot of allowing non-subscribers a way […]

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Investors Live

InvestorsLive is a financial environment, where information can be gathered in order to make further analysis and decisions in the market, designed for anyone interested in finance, money, fresh ideas and actively trading.

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With this blog, I try to be as open as possible about how I trade futures for a living. I share all the resources and tools I use to help you become successful, and live a fulfilling life. This is both a way for me to document and organize my thoughts, share what I’ve learned, […]

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